Understanding Gods feelings towards us.

This just came to me while a was eating.πŸ˜‚

So you have a baby and you are so in love with it. You want the best for him, so you provide him with all these things he needs. You were there every moment in his life and watched him grow up, but when he got older he left you, forgotten all those moments and decided to follow his own way. He replaced you with the world, which is now number 1 in his heart. He says your not enough, it seems you just hold me back from what is better. But the path leads to a cliff. And you know that and you try everything to get his attention and then he falls over. All you wanted to see is him coming home and regardless of everything he had done you rejoice for he is now home. We need to fill understand how much he loves us and not just accept it like those gifts you don’t really like. JESUS LOVES YOU SO MUCH!! Don’t get used to the dark that’s not where we are suppose to be!

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