Upcoming X-Chi Lessons: Purity

For the next 3 Chi lessons, we will be teaching about purity.
The topics are as follows:
1.   Pure Thoughts
2.  Pure Words
3.   Pure Deeds
4.   Pure Life
I taught the first lesson last Wednesday on Pure Thoughts.
Here is a link that will give you notes for an understanding of last Wednesday’s lesson and the next 3 lessons.
The next 3 lessons will be similar.  Mike Corley will be teaching the boys and I, (Kim), will be teaching the girls.  Our intention is not to replace or take the place of teachings at home, but to reinforce and support the biblical and spiritual foundational teachings already in place at home.
Our doors are always open.  Please join us in these lessons.  We would love to have you sit in, observe and be a part of these teachings.
Your children ask some tough questions that sometimes require directly truthful answers.  We will answer Spirit led always referring to God’s word for truth.
If you have any questions about these or any lessons in Chi, please call Kim at (808)321-1722.

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