Explicit Early Registration Deadline EXTENDED!

Good news!  The EXPLICIT early registration and parent workshop deadline was extended to next week Friday, Sept. 5! We have tickets available for purchase. Please let Uncle Steven know you are interested or have questions, text or call him at 808-398-5229.
Pastor Mark Palompo, Pastor Scottie Kobayashi and Pastor Daryl Yamada were just on live yesterday morning on the FISH with Tisha at 6:45 am!

You can click the links below to more information:

http://youtu.be/nB3CePrTWq0 The EXPLICIT Talk on TBN last week with Pastor Mark and Jalee Palompo is from 27:12 to 38:57!  Following their section is Pastor Tisha of Mililani Missionary.

http://olelo.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=30&clip_id=42376  A 30 minute t.v. show on OLELO T.V. Station on show Hope in the Islands

http://wp.me/p1hUHG-16Y This is a 1 hour Danny Yamashiro talk radio show

  (1 minute youtube commercial)

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